Sharing with friends

Have you ever lent a great book to a friend and forgot about it? Weeks, months or even years later, you remember the book but forgot who you lent it to? I lost a great and rare comic book this way. Lent it to a friend and we both forgot about it. Months later when I remembered and asked for it, my friend said:

I couldn’t remember where the comic book came from and thought my ex-roommate left it behind so I donated it to a local charity.

We all have similar stories to share. Stuff we love and share with our friends and lose track of.

We’re building Lendogram to not only help friends borrow stuff they occasionally use, but also to keep track of what they lend and borrow so their rare comic book doesn’t end up at a local charity. Here’s a short video on how to use Lendogram to keep track of what you share with friends.