It takes a village to plan a kids party

We organize everything for our children. However we don’t always have the resources at our disposal to simply purchase everything. When it comes to large and important life events such as birthday parties or graduations we can easily become overwhelmed with the process or the need to find and provide all the supplies we need to create a successful event.

We as parents do all we can for our children, they mean the world to us, and are the light that motivates us every day. When it comes to their birthdays or other celebrations we want to provide them an experience and show our love through extravagant shows. We plan for weeks, we send out invitations well ahead of the date to make sure that all of our children’s closest friends will be in attendance, we also spend an exorbitant amount of money and buy party supplies and equipment that we use only once or twice a year.

To make better use of our resources use Lendogram’s sharing platform. The free app allows for the user to plan their party and borrow supplies available to them within their network of friends and family. Items such as:

  • Extra chairs
  • Tables
  • Serving dishes and bowls
  • Cake decorating supplies
  • Games
  • Decorations
  • Arts & Crafts material

Would you really want to go out and purchase all of these items? Or would you rather be able to easily reach out and ask for support from within your trusted network of friends and family to borrow what you need for the short period of time you need it for. Lendogram makes this simple by aiding the user to borrow what they need and keep track of the items in one easy to use app.